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Shopzilla Agile Case Study

Aug 17, 2006
Category Investments

I had a Rally Software board meeting – this has been a fun company to be involved in from raw startup through its current aggressive growth.  When we initially funded Rally – which is the market leader in Agile lifecycle management products, many people said “what’s Agile?”  That question isn’t being asked much anymore – in many cases it’s no longer “what’ and now “when?”  Rally’s expert coaching services has helped accelerate the general adoption of this, but it’s also very clear that Agile is shifting from a new / niche software development methodology to a mainstream one.

The Agile Journal has an excellent case study on Shopzilla’s implementation of Agile using Rally’s products.  If you are interested in exploring using an Agile methodology to develop software, this article can give you a high level feel for how to think about Agile tooling.