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Some Running Stuff to Start the Day

Aug 31, 2006

As I start to get my head into the Albuquerque Marathon (which I’m running on Sunday), I thought I’d start the day off with some running stuff.  I’ve had a rough taper – starting off with a smashed toe 9 days ago (fourth toe on left foot – turned completely purple to the base of the third metatarsal) followed by a gout attack in my right knee (never had one in the knee before – that sucked).  After about 100 advil, 50 gallons of water, and a gallon of cherry juice over the following four days, it vanished, to be replaced by a sore MCL from walking around funny for four days.  I woke up this morning with three days to go, feeling great and completely refreshed since I haven’t run in 9 days!  I’m not even cranky anymore.

I have a new sponsor for my attempt at the North Pole Marathon.  I’ve been talking to Todd Langer – the CEO of Functional Innovations – for the past six months about his cool product.  Todd’s product – the P.A.S.T. Collection – is an innovative balancing product that promises to improve your balance, build core strength, increase your aerobic health, and have better sex.  Having used it for a little while, I can attest to at least two of those benefits.

I’m totally digging the balance boards.  Todd has committed to “keep me balanced” – which is probably a harder task than he expected.

I also woke up to a note from Mark Iocchelli announcing the relaunch of his Complete Running Network.  Mark coordinates the Running Blog Family which is a list of 900 running bloggers.  Now I’ve just got to convince him to turn it into a FeedBurner Network for Running.  I poked around looking for a little inspiration and found it quickly.

Amy and I are off to Santa Fe to carbo load.  Think happy thoughts for me around 9am Mountain Time on Sunday.