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A Perfect Vacation

Sep 16, 2006

Once a quarter, Amy and I vanish for a week.  No telephone, no email, no computer. Amy turned 40 on Thursday so we took last week off.  I mostly checked out a week ago Thursday, had a huge surprise party for Amy on Thursday night, co-moderated a debate between Bill Ritter and Bob Beauprez (Colorado’s candidates for governor) on Friday, turned off my computer and disappeared for a while.

I had a number of emails in my inbox from folks when I resurfaced yesterday asking if everything was ok since I hadn’t been blogging. I try to time these things so I get two weekends in the holiday, although I usually check my email on the Friday before I return so I don’t have a super silly day on Monday.  I remembered to turn on an email out of office message – but not a blog out of office message (is there really such a thing? – I always feel odd reading someone’s post that “they are going on vacation and won’t be posting for a while.)  For all of you that wrote wondering where I was, thanks for the concern and – as Amy loves to say – “hey – try turning off your computer for a few days.”

We were originally going to go to London for 10 days – half in the city and half to hang out at a castle somewhere while Amy rode horses and I played tennis.  After the London terrorist scare, I decided I didn’t want to fly back and forth from London and deal with any existential anxiety I might have around 9/11, so I convinced Amy to go to LA for a few days followed by tennis at Green Valley SpaI hate LA and tried my hardest to weasel out, but Amy really wanted to do something special for her 40th birthday.  On Thursday 9/7, I threw her a surprise birthday party with 150 of her closest friends (surprise birthday party rule #42 – never have the party on the actual birth day.)  On Friday 9/8, Amy told me we could bag our LA trip (she knows I hate LA.)  So – we had the perfect vacation – at home, in Boulder – although everyone thought we were out of town.


That’s Boulder from the top of Bear Peak – my hike on Wednesday with my friend Dave.  I read 11 books last week (reviews coming soon), saw a couple of movies (including Lord of War which was awesome and Invincible which reminded me of being 10 years old and a Dallas Cowboy fan), had a few great sushi meals, fully recovered from the New Mexico Marathon (meaning I slept a lot), and had a deep, beautiful vacation with my beloved.