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Cats Will No Longer Be Allergic to Me

Oct 06, 2006

Todd Langer – who makes the very cool Functional Innovations PAST (Posture, Aerobic, Strength, and Total Body Integration) balance products sent me a link a to the Boston Globe article about the efforts of a California company – Allerca – to create a hypoallergenic cat.  Ironically, I’ve never been allergic to cats – they seem to be allergic to me.  I once had a cat called Tiny (who was huge) that – after a few minutes of sitting on my lap, would randomly bite my forearm – not a love nip – but teeth deep into skin and muscle.  When I got divorced, I offered my ex-wife her choice of either the left half or the right half of Tiny – or – if she preferred – the front half or the rear half. 

Now – I find out from Allerca that the molecule that caused most human cat allergies is “Fel d 1”.  That pretty much explains everything.