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It Must Be Monday Morning

Oct 30, 2006
Category Investments

As I pried my eyes open with toothpicks this morning due to my fatigue from yesterday’s lousy run, I looked forward to another week.  Monday’s usually bring lots of fun little tidbits since people crank out a long thoughtful blog on Sunday night and the local papers usually run their major tech interest stories Monday morning.  A couple of my friends / investments showed up.

  • Me.dium: Matt Branaugh of the Daily Camera profiled Me.dium – one of the Boulder-companies I’ve invested in that is going after my poorly named “dynamics of information” problem (a free blog post and mention to someone that comes up with a better name for “dynamics of information.”)  I’m having a ton of fun with Me.dium – I just made myself “visible to all” so anyone that installs it can see where I’m surfing at any moment in time.
  • Being 25 Again – Sort of: Scott Converse – the CEO of ClickCaster – has a long rant on what it’s like to be in your 40’s and starting up a new company.
  • Fred’s Kids and His Slingbox: Fred Wilson’s family is a consumer of products from companies I’ve invested in.  They love their hand-me-down Sidekicks, rock out to Guitar Hero, and will soon be enjoying TV via their Slingbox.

I can’t wait for Halloween.  I have some surprises for my friends that I’m going to see on Tuesday.  Plus – I expect I’ll get to overload on chocolate and not feel guilty.