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It Must Be Thursday

Oct 12, 2006
Category Investments

Whew – I just finished getting my daily feed dose from FeedDemon.  I have a daily routine for when I’m home – get up at 5am, try not to wake Amy up (I failed today), make a cup of coffee, get a bowl of fruit, go downstairs, feed the dogs, sit down at my computer, fire up Outlook, Firefox, and FeedDemon, Open-in-tabs my “News” folder in Firefox, and then read for an hour (or so).  While I’m at it I usually write a few blogs.  By 6:30 I’m done for the day with this stuff – I shut down FeedDemon (and don’t open it up until the next day), and then go get ready for a run.

Normally I’m able to get my email inbox cleared by 6:30 as part of this routine.  Today it’s 6:30 and I haven’t tackled it yet.  There were a flurry of interesting posts to read in FeedDemon and a surprisingly good set of articles in the NY Times, including a generally negative review of Daniel Libeskind’s new Denver Art Museum (I think the museum is brilliant and am completely in love with everything about it – demonstrating my complete inability to be an “architecture critic.”)

A number of the entrepreneurs I work with wrote some good stuff today (actually most of it is from yesterday – why is everyone most prolific on a Wednesday – hmm?).  Following is a short summary in case you are interested:

  • Attention is Meme Sex: Stan James of Lijit tantalizes us about sex (I mean attention.)  My favorite line is “Chatting with a friend about YouTube is a case of consensual idea-exchange, analogous to consensual sex.”  A must read if you are into either attention or sex.
  • Office 2.0 Is Not About Online Spreadsheets: Greg Reinacker of NewsGator talks about his first day at the Office 2.0 conference and why this should be about collaboration, community, and sharing.
  • The Future of Vulnerability Management: Alan Shimel of StillSecure is never vulnerable – at least as far as I can tell.  But – he’s got great insights into the Vulnerability Management software market.
  • What’s Been Hard At Judy’s Book: Andy Sack of Judy’s Book continues to discuss the details behind the evolution of Judy’s Book.
  • On Deadlines and Director Meetings: Oh shit, realizes Scott Converse of ClickCaster – I’ve got a board meeting this week!  In addition, since ClickCaster pushes a release out weekly (now that’s agile) and has real customers now, why did I spent two hours with Brad at dinner last night (good sushi Scott…)?
  • FeedBurner New Features: Wanna ping Google’s new ping server?  If you are a FeedBurner user, just click a box on PingShot.  Also – several new and exciting dynamic FeedFlare for Netscape and Technorati.

Time to get after the email (yup – no run today – a tendon in my right leg has been bothering me and rest is good.)