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The Departed

Oct 11, 2006

Amy and I went to The Departed last night.  I’ve got some general movie fatigue these days because everything seems to suck, be a remake of Top Gun, or just be dull.  However, The Departed was incredible and it just blew us away.

Jack Nicholson may be my favorite male actor of all time.  Leonardo DiCaprio is finally coming into his own now that he’s an adult.  Matt Damon finally had a role where he needed to act – and he did a great job.  While it’s weird watching Martin Sheen be anything other than Jeb Bartlett, he also shined even when he was splattering.  Vera Farmiga had the best line of the movie when she said to DiCaprio “your vulnerability is really freaking me out.”  And Marky Mark Wahlberg continued to bend my mind with his range. 

Scorsese made sure there was plenty of gratutious violence, but for a Boston-based corrupt cop movie, it was believable.  Having lived in Boston for 12 years, it’s such a delight to watch it in a movie rather than live there.