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We Suck Less Revisited

Oct 31, 2006
Category Investments

I love simple, descriptive tag lines (or mottos) for companies.  My first company – Feld Technologies – has a very clear motto – “We Suck Less.”  I was at Newmerix yesterday looking at some of their new stuff.  Whenever I’m asked about Newmerix, I describe them as a “software quality assurance / change management suite for packaged applications.”  The long version – on the Newmerix web site – is:

Newmerix offers an integrated suite of program management, functional testing, and change control software to manage your PeopleSoft application lifecycle. Newmerix’s Automate! software suite helps you:

  • Stay current with PeopleSoft patches, bundles and upgrades
  • Comply with regulatory mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Improve PeopleSoft application quality and minimize affect on business operations
  • Control PeopleSoft application change processes

They’ve recently come out with a change management product for SAP (guys – time for a minor website upgrade.)  As we devolved into a discussion about how difficult it is to deal with managing packaged applications, Niel Robertson – the CTO – blurted out “managing packaged applications is a pain in the ass.”

My suggestion for the new Newmerix motto: “We make managing packaged applications less of a pain in the ass.”  If you work for a big company and have to deal with Peoplesoft and SAP patches / upgrades / customizations / migrations and this motto resonates with you, send me an email and I’ll get you connected with the Newmerix guys.