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My Friends Were Busy While I Was Gone

Nov 26, 2006
Category Investments

I just gone done with my quarterly week off the grid.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays – Amy and I spent it chilling out in Keystone.  I had a little trouble disconnecting – finally shutting off all of my computers on Wednesday morning.  Even though lots of folks took the long weekend off, a few of my portfolio companies pushed out some neat new stuff.

  • NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand: NewsGator just went beta with their new Enterprise On-Demand RSS product.  Enterprise RSS – but via a SaaS model.  Its code name was NGOD, but apparently my marketing friends decided to be non-religious and call it NGEOD.
  • Lijit Identities: At our last board meeting, we spent a lot of time talking about people, identities, and content linked to a particular user.  Since many web services are now republishing user information via RSS, I speculated that it would be nice to have a simple UI for associating content in different services with me.  Voila.  Remember my post on Sync vs. Slurp vs. Spew?  This would be a good example of Slurp.
  • Judy’s Book Store Pages: Wanna see some Apple deals?  Or Gap deals?  While I’m near the outlet stores in Silverthorne, I’d rather shop on-line.

There were a couple of others (FeedBurner in Russia anyone) but those were the ones that caught my attention as I got caught up from my self-imposed electronic exile.