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NewsGator and Friends

Nov 09, 2006
Category Investments

Earlier this week Intel announced Suite Two – an appliance that integrates NewsGator’s Enterprise Server product with SixApart’s Movable Type, SocialText’s wiki, and SimpleFeed corporate feed management.  The products are being integrated by SpikeSource who will also handle maintenance and support.  Another step in NewsGator’s “buy and deploy our RSS aggregator products however you – the customer – wants” strategy.

Charlie Wood wrote up a quick anecdote about how he quickly integrated his Spanning Salesforce and Spanning Feed Builder products with and NewsGator’s Enterprise Server to help a marcomm manager to send updates about her company’s marketing events from direct to her executives BlackBerries.  The company is already using and NewsGator Enterprise Server – Charlie’s glue connected the pieces together and got things up an running in 30 minutes.  Very neat.

Finally, if you are a NewsGator customer (consumer or enterprise) and you are bored of your existing screen saver, take a look at the NewsGator Screen Saver.  I’ve had it running on my laptop for a couple of weeks and it’s one of those simple things that gets a “wow – cool!” reaction every time.  Nick Harris – one of the NewsGator wizards – needed something to play around with to exercise the NewsGator REST API.  Voila – screen saver.  He’s also snuck in a few new things coming soon such as a new and improved location manager.