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What Do You Think of WAYN?

Nov 12, 2006

My friend Stuart Chapman – a partner at Esprit Capital Partners in the UK – sent me a note about his new portfolio company WAYN (Where Are You Now?) which is a self-proclaimed “Web 2.0 Travel Site.”  It’s become very popular in Europe and – according to Stuart – is profitable and fantastically run.

WAYN’s core audience of Europeans regularly travel outside their own borders.  They are trying to determine how this maps to the US market where travel outside the country borders is much less prevalent.  While there’s a logical “outside the state mapping” (especially among adjacent red and blue states), it seems like the metaphor might be different . 

If you are a frequent traveler – especially to Europe or other parts of the world – take a look and – if you are inclined – leave feedback for Stuart here.