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Searching For A CIO for The State of Colorado

Dec 02, 2006
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I’m on the IT Transition Team for Colorado’s new governor – Bill Ritter.  One of the primary roles of the transition team is to recommend to Governor-Elect Ritter a pool of candidates for the position of State CIO (Chief Information Officer).  This position is a direct-report to the Governor and will run the Colorado Office of Information Technology.

The current CIO salary is in the $120,000 range, however if a candidate comes from outside the state, the salary will probably be negotiated in consultation with the Governor’s Office.  We are looking for experienced CIO’s that are willing to take a moderate paying CIO-job in exchange for the ability to have real impact on the state of Colorado.

The transition team is seeking resumes by Friday, December 8.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in this position, I would appreciate if you would forward this information to them.  Resumes can be emailed to me – I’ll make sure they get considered.