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Your Running (and mine)

Dec 03, 2006
Category Investments

A few weeks ago I launched a new blog called Brad Feld’s 50 by 50 to document my trials and tribulations of running 50 marathons by the time I’m 50 (I’ve done 8 and I just turned 41.)  I decided I wanted to segment my daily running stuff from Feld Thoughts as many of you don’t care about my running obsession.  I’ll still occasionally post here about major events (e.g. completed marathons), but I’ll save my daily runs, running thoughts, experiments with running technologies, fears, and scatalogical running experiments for my running blog.

If you want to follow these exploits, you can subscribe to the Feld Running feed.  Simultaneously I’ve set up a FeedBurner Network for Marathoners – if you are a marathoner, blog, and want to join the network, just email me

My running blog is hosted on YourRunning – a website for runners that is run by Enthusiast Group.  I’m an investor in Enthusiast Group and it’s been a blast work with Derek and Steve to figure out the best approach to a “bloggy-like” network for “enthusiasts.”  YourRunning is the third site that we’ve launched – joining YourClimbing and YourMTB.

Enthusiast Group is hiring – both an advertising / marketing online specialist as well as new enthusiast-in-chief’s for upcoming sites, including birding, skateboarding, body building, road biking, and horses / equestrian.  If you are interested, drop Steve an email.