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Combat Fishing

Jan 21, 2007

Following is an exchange I had with a friend and someone I like to co-invest with.

Me: You’ve been awfully quiet lately.  Is everything ok?  Just checking in and saying hi.

Friend: Thanks for checking in. Yes, all is well. Just busy with an office move, some projects at home and work with my companies. I am expanding beyond web 2.0 as an investment strategy so spending time with peeps outside of our traditional network. Will tell all about it during our next dinner.

Me: Sounds cool.  Glad you are starting to fish in a new pond now that this one is starting to feel like a river at peak salmon season with everyone wall to wall doing some combat fishing,

Friend: I have been up river for almost 3 months, fishing with a shell launcher shotgun and an ice barbed spear.

When the river that you have been fishing in for a while becomes the popular place for everyone to hang out and fish, it’s often time to go find a new river (or at least a new spot on the river) that doesn’t have anyone around.