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Viva Las Vegas

Jan 20, 2007

Once a year, I go away somewhere with my dad for the weekend.  I’ll go anywhere he wants – last year was downtown San Francisco, this year he suggested Las Vegas.  I flew here from Dallas (where I was on Thursday) and he came in from Houston (where he was on Thursday.)  We met at The Wynn yesterday afternoon and have been having a blast together.

If you know us, the first question that probably comes to your mind is “Las Vegas – what’s up with that?”  Neither of us gamble or drink, are both afraid of naked women (that aren’t our wives), and are afraid of what our wives would do to us if we were caught with naked women that aren’t our wives. 

We just love to be together – no purpose required.  We spent all day walking up and down The Strip, talking about whatever came to mind, had a few great meals (Red 8 (Wynn), Daniel Boulud’s (Wynn), Stage Deli (Caeser’s Palace), and Ben & Jerry’s (New York, NY)).  We are about to get ready to go see The Beatles: Love at The Mirage.

The Wynn has been great – the only annoying thing is the endless feeling of being nickeled, dimed, and $20 billed.  The health club costs $25 / day / person, the Ferrari show costs $10, Internet costs $12 / computer / day, a bag of nuts costs $8.  I guess that’s Las Vegas.

We started doing this five years ago – I wish we’d be doing it for the last 20 years.  Better late than never.