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Bobby Bostic Wins The North Pole Marathon Entry Giveaway

Feb 19, 2007
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On 8/8/06, while in excellent shape (I ran the New Mexico Marathon on 9/3/06), I somehow convinced myself that it would be a fun idea to run the North Pole Marathon.  By the end of December, I realized that there was no way I’d be able to maintain the level of training necessary to do it.  I also realized that I’d taken leave of my senses in August when I signed up for this.

I’d paid for everything so I decided that – in conjunction with – I would give away my entry.  Today we’ve announced that Bobby Bostic is the winner of our contest and will be running the North Pole Marathon in April.

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There were 65 incredible entrants with awesome stories.  I’m blown away – and inspired – by the fitness level and accomplishment of these folks.  Congrats Bobby.  Time for my run.