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Book Review: AC/DC: Maximum Rock and Roll

Feb 06, 2007
Category Books

My reading pace has been slower than usual lately.  I digested a few books in January including Sweet and Low (the story of Sweet and Low and the fascinating machinations of a particularly complex family business), 24: Cat’s Claw (to deal with my 24 addiction prior to Day 6 starting), and Christopher Moore’s brilliant You Suck.

Coming off of You Suck I needed something deep and thoughtful.  So I settled on AC/DC: Maximum Rock & Roll – the history of my favorite heavy metal band.  I was in high school during the Back in Back, Highway to Hell, and For Those About to Rock days and I loved Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, so I got some Bon Scott / Brian Johnson crossover.  Of course, the real teenage boy fantasy was to be Angus or Malcolm Young.

The book – AC/DC: Maximum Rock & Roll – was superb. If you are an AC/DC fan, it’s a detailed history of the band that seems real, comprehensive, and written by two people that really care about the band.

If you just want to watch some AC/DC videos, I’ve tagged a bunch of them.  Either way, as I head to the airport, I’ve got Highway to Hell echoing in my brain.