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Me.dium’s Way Above The Norm Week

Feb 03, 2007
Category Investments

I was trying to come up with a clever title for the superb week that Me.dium had, but I lamed out.  Me.dium had their public launch this week at Demo (although they are still in a controlled user rollout as one of the extremely hard challenges in what they are trying to do is to infinitely scale the service.)  Kimbal Musk – the CEO – gave a great demo at Demo.

I was neutral to positive that Demo would be the best place to launch.  I was wrong – it turned out to be spectacular.  The initial feedback has been great:

  • USA Today: Tomorrow’s Tech Treats
  • AP: Startup promotes community web surfing
  • Guidewire: With Me.dium you’ll know who the dogs are on the Internet
  • Profy: Medium Makes Web 2.0 Large
  • Read/WriteWeb: Me.dium Courts Controversy With Extreme Social Networking

As I was writing this post and surfing around to collect the sites, one of my Me.dium friends (brandonh) opened a chat window within Me.dium with the following.

All those other links are here on 

Me.dium is one of those special companies that gets better every week.  I committed to participating in the financing in the first meeting I had with them and have never regretted it.  They’ve assembled an incredible team and have just blown away all my expectations in terms of what they have built so far.  It’s still really early – the stuff in development is incredible (hint: look for something fun on my blog soon.)  Me.dium was one of the hottest Boulder companies to get funded in 2006 – it’s living up to its billing.

If you want to join and see what it’s about, you can get an invite via my link code.  You need to be using Firefox (the IE plugin will be out next month) and remember that the invites are still being rationed out to make sure they handle scaling effectively.