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Boulder’s Hippy Fine Dining Scene

Mar 02, 2007
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The New York Times had a great article early this week titled Fine Dining With a Hippie PastIt highlights the recent revolution in the Boulder fine dining scene.  When I moved here in 1995, the casual dining scene was outstanding (think Santa Monica, but more casual) but there were only really two “serious” restaurants – Flagstaff House and Q’s.  In the last few years, a number of new great ones have popped up including The Kitchen (owned by Me.dium CEO Kimbal Musk), Frasca, and Mateo.  Earlier this week I had breakfast at Radda Trattoria.  Yum.

Lest you think the old standards aren’t good, we had an excellent dinner at Flagstaff House celebrating Ben Casnocha’s 19th birthday last night.  Now – if the St. Julien would just admit defeat and completely reboot Jill’s we’d have the chance at yet another great upscale place.