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Looking for Web-based Political News Infrastructure

Mar 13, 2007
Category Technology

As you may know, Denver is hosting the 2008 Democratic Convention.  I recently met with a major media company that is looking to do a specialized political information site built around the 2008 election with an initial highlight on the Democratic Convention.  I’m interested in talking to people that have unique software approaches to building out content and community in the political vertical.

I am not looking for content providers, bloggers, or generic software vendors (unless you have a specific focus on the political vertical.)  I am looking for new, exciting, and unique approaches to this vertical, especially if you can easily integrate into an existing web framework.

In 1995 I made an investment in a company called Net.Capitol.  It was one of the very first online politics sites.  While it was mostly a directory and email list for various national politicians, it evolved in some interesting ways and had some community aspects that were way ahead of its time.  It was bought in 1997 by a public company and was a successful exit for everyone, but it more or less disappeared by the 2000 election cycle.  But – I remember tucking away the idea that politics was a great vertical market if you time it right and execute well.

Please leave comments here with links if you’re working on something relevant and/or know of people or companies playing in this sandbox.