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Boulder’s Many College Degrees

Apr 21, 2007
Category Places

As I was turning the pages in the April 23, 2007 Forbes in the bathroom today, I came across The South Rises Again and a great map of the top metro areas in the US according to Forbes.  One of the rankings was based on college degrees (percentage of adult population with bachelor’s degree or higher.)  Boulder ranked at the top and the list of the top five was interesting.

  1. Boulder, CO: 52.3%
  2. Bethesda, MD: 50.2%
  3. Ann Arbor, MI: 48.1%
  4. San Francisco, CA: 43.5%
  5. Cambridge, MA: 43.4%

Having lived in Cambridge and having spent a lot of time in San Francisco, it intrigues me how much I’m attracted to these three places.  I guess I should go spend some time in Ann Arbor and see what I think.  Since I don’t work for the CIA, I think I’ll pass on Bethesda.

By the way, the national average is 23.1%.