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Entrepreneurs Blogging About Term Sheets

Apr 02, 2007
Category Term Sheet

In 2005, Jason Mendelson (my partner and co-author of AsktheVC) wrote what has become an extremely popular series dissecting the “term sheet.”  The feedback we got from it encouraged us to write several more series of blogs and ultimately led to us deciding to start writing AsktheVC to answer random questions from entrepreneurs.

Last Friday I pointed to a post from Dave Naffzinger (Judy’s Book) about Stock Options from an Entrepreneurs Point of View.  I woke up today to two more great entrepreneur posts on term sheets.  The first is from Dick Costolo (FeedBurner) titled Venture Terms – Liquidation Preferences and ParticipationThe second was titled Term Sheet Hacks was on a new blog titled Venture Hacks and written by Naval Ravikant ( and Nivi (EIR at Atlas Ventures.) 

When I started this blogging thing back in May of 2004, I stated that I was motivated by Fred Wilson’s post on Transparency I love that smart entrepreneurs are adding to the body of knowledge out there around the funding process.  I’ve always been befuddled that a financing (both angel and VC) and the “term sheet” are such as mysterious thing.  It has been rewarding to get thousands of emails over the past two years thanking me / Jason for what we’ve written – and it is fun to see some smart entrepreneurs continuing to add to the demystification of the term sheet.