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Forbes 90th Anniversary Issue

Apr 27, 2007
Category Technology

I rarely read an entire magazine.  I typically just skim them in the bathroom and tear out the articles I actually want to read. 

The Forbes 90th Anniversary Issue was an exception.  I realized I was tearing out almost every article so I sat down (outside the bathroom) and read most of the magazine (there were a few skimable articles.)  The cover title is The Power of Networks and has 28 essays from diverse, smart, and extremely articulate people.  For a sample, take a look at David Gelernter’s essay on The Inside-Out Web (right on the money with Defrag.)  

If you don’t subscribe to Forbes, stop in at a newsstand in the next airport or drugstore that you are in.  It’s a white cover with a red border – you can’t miss it.  Perfect for your next 2+ hour airplane ride.