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I’m Lost In My Own Weeds

Apr 17, 2007
Category Investments

I got the following email from a smart entrepreneur friend I respect a lot.

I subscribe to your blog’s rss feed and read it regularly. I have a suggestion to make – it would be great if you could put a simple explanation of the many different products/technologies you plug, when you plug them.

I have to admit that I have NO idea what you are talking about or why I would be interested about 80% of the time you mention something. For example, Me.dium (which based on the stupid name, I would have no interest in exploring on my own based on your mention 🙂

Not sure if I’m your target audience or not, but I thought you should know that most of your references are opaque to at least one reader. So, while I am aware of many companies you are involved in, and the fact that you like them, I couldn’t tell you or (more importantly) anyone else, what they do.

While I don’t really have “a target audience” (I’m regularly fascinated by the spectrum of folks that read this blog), the fact that my company references are opaque to a smart, tech entrepreneur means that there’s probably some subset of you who are saying “thanks for the company pimping, but so what.”

I’ll try to do a better job of explaining why I (and you) should (or might) care.