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The Sony Reader

Apr 29, 2007
Category Books

I love new toys.  It had been a while (at least two weeks) since my last one.  I was sitting next to Howard Morgan at a meeting catching up and he asked me if I had gotten a Sony Reader (PRS-500) yet.  Both of us are voracious readers and travelers – picture me lugging at least three books with me wherever I go.

Howard said the Sony Reader had changed his reading life.  I bought one online that afternoon (Sony uses Intershop software for their ecommerce – man – I’d forgotten they still existed.)  I read my first book on it today – Simple Genius by David Baldacci. 

It was awesome (the book and the Sony Reader.)  I loaded it up with a couple of David Halberstam books and I’ll leave the pile of hardback books behind on my seven day trip next week. 

I had an early ebook device (I can’t remember who it was from) and it was “ok” but too big, too heavy, the battery life was too short, and the screen wasn’t quite right.  The Sony Reader seems to nail it all and after spending four hours with it this afternoon, I’m looking forward to my next book on it.

I’ll check back in after a few more books and tell you if I’m still loving it.