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Human Computer Interaction Awakens

May 29, 2007
Category Investments

I expect one of the big buzzes tomorrow will be Microsoft’s Surface Computing initiative.  The first articles are appearing and on10 has a First Look: Microsoft Surfacing Computing! video up that shows off a great demonstration.

I’ve recently been exploring a theme I call “Human Computer Interaction.”  A metaphor speaks volumes – if you remember John Anderton in the movie Minority Report, you can envision a much more interesting way to interact with a computer than using a mouse and keyboard.

Several experiences, including my investment in Harmonix Music Systems (the makers of Guitar Hero), finally coalesced in my mind about a year ago resulting in the idea that there was a real opportunity around creating platforms and applications to change the way that humans interact with computers.  This isn’t a “consumer” problem or an “enterprise” problem – it spans the entire spectrum of computing applications.

I’ve made one new investment in this area and expect to make several others in the next few years.  Of all the things I’ve played with and thought about in the past year, this area has the greatest opportunity to radically transform the way computers work.  For a while, I’ve been suggesting to anyone that will listen (mostly my dog) that I’m ready for my implant that will jack me directly into the metaverse.  As each day comes, I get a step closer.