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May 07, 2007
Category Technology

I love my iPod Nano.  I hate iTunes.  It’s like the two things exist in this parallel universe of good and bad.  I suppose one explanation is that one is hardware and the other is software, but that’s not really valid as the second best part of the Nano is software.  It could also be that I use Vista instead of OSX.  But then that would be a conspiracy theory.

This is the second day in a row that I thought I had the podcasts on my Nano that I’d downloaded into iTunes.  I even thought I’d tested things this morning.  Voila – they were there – but they didn’t work.  And I’d like to think I’m good at this stuff.

I really wanted the Zune to be good.  As a runner there is no comparison – you almost need a backpack to carry the Zune around while the Nano fits – well – pretty much anywhere.