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Rained Out In Boston

May 18, 2007
Category Books

I’m in Boston this weekend for the annual Feld Men’s Trip with my dad (Stan), my uncle (Charlie), my brother (Daniel), and my two cousins (Jon and Kenny.)  We had tickets to tonight’s Red Sox vs. Braves game (very expensive ones – thanks StubHub) and have tickets to tomorrow afternoon’s game (and now rescheduled evening) game.

The weather has not cooperated.  I’ve been here since yesterday afternoon and it has been raining continuously.  We just finished our traditional annual steakhouse dinner at Abe & Louis (don’t ask what veggie-boy Brad ate) and we slogged our way back to the hotel in the monsoon.

Since it’s all of 8:11pm, I thought I’d check a few things online before bed.  I saw a note from Tom Evslin that his new Amazon Short titled The Interpreter is up.  I loved Evslin’s last book (and think Tom is a hysterically fun nerd writer.)  I downloaded the PDF and am struggling to toss it on my Sony eReader.  Not quite as fun as a Red Sox game, but a lot less expensive.

Update: Getting the book onto the eReader wasn’t a big deal.  However, reading it will be a nightmare because of the lack of font formatting (font standards – uh huh.)  And the eReader software seems to think the name of “The Interpreter” is “Microsoft Word – Main.doc.”  Other than that, it’s great.