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TechStars Week 1

May 29, 2007
Category Techstars

David has a summary of the great first week at TechStars.  The Intense Debate guys weighed in with a post of their own and the energy in the room was huge on Thursday night when I was part of a panel with Greg Reinacker, Andrew Currie, and Jason Mendelson.  It’s pretty awesome to hang out with 26 people that are at the very early stage of creating new companies, completely fearless, and focused on doing something great. 

One lesson from their backyard came if any of them ran in the Bolder Boulder.  If you don’t know about the Bolder Boulder, it’s a 10k race run in Boulder on Memorial Day that is now one of the largest 10k’s in the world.  This year everyone had an RFID chip on their shoe and was tracked throughout the race.  According to Steve Outing (I didn’t run it – I went and hid in Keystone for the weekend) there were a few problems – as Steve says, Version 1.0 seldom works well. 

To bad there wasn’t Facebook integration also.  That way you could check out how your friends were doing during the race on your cell phone while you were running.  Or you could just follow Tim Wolters advice and be Mindfulness.