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Why Do Computers Suck So Much?

May 27, 2007
Category Technology

It’s 2007.  I was ready to go for my long run at 9am.  It’s 9:27am.  I’ve spent the last 27 minutes trying to get iTunes on my Vista-based laptop to sync my newly downloaded podcasts properly with my Nano.

10 minutes was spent fighting with iTunes before I gave up trying to get it to find my Nano (and then trying to close / restart iTunes.)  10 minutes was spent rebooting Vista (shut down / restart / reload everything.)  It’s finally now syncing properly.  Yes, I’m still living the iTurd life.

The age old solution of “turning it off and turning it back on” is the solution.  Egads.

Now – before you just say “switch to a Mac” – I have a whole series of things I do on a Vista box that don’t work well on a Mac, so I’m basically out of luck there also.  Maybe I should have been a luddite this morning and just gone run without my iPod and my Garmen Forerunner 305.  Or maybe I should just quit whining and accept that as long as this stuff is completely messed up, there’s massive opportunities for all the companies I like to invest in.  “Sucking less” continues to be an effective strategy.