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My Relationship With Beauty Products

Jun 13, 2007

Amy put an interview with Brad Paisley & Kimberly Williams titled “The Look of Love” (People Magazine, May 7, 2007, p. 193) on my desk the other day.  The last few lines could have been from a conversation between me and Amy.

Brad: I’m not really into beauty products.  I just find them through my wife.  I work in the sun a lot outside and I get dry skin, and I’ll borrow whatever is in the cabinet.

Kimberly: He’ll take whatever is sitting there – if it’s $80 La Mer, he would still take it.

Brad: Her hair products are good – like what’s that oil in the shower?

Kimberly: That’s for shaving my legs!  Have you been putting it on your hair?

Brad: I thought it was conditioner.  Well, anyway, it makes your hair real shiny!

I think all Brad’s must be the same.