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Programmatic Shuffleboard

Jun 27, 2007
Category Techstars

Boulder is one of the most athletic cities in the world.  Even though I’m a marathoner and can do +/– 2,000 feet on a two hour run, I’m way down low on the fitness ladder here.  The range of sports people play are wildly diverse, including stuff like “I ran up a 14,000’ mountain and back with one arm tied behind my back and all the toes on my left foot taped together while wearing sandals and a bike helmet.”  So – it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone living here that we have excellent shuffleboard facilities in Boulder.

My friends at Slice of Lime hosted a real shuffleboard dustup session with the TechStars gang last Friday.  At the end of it they retreated to a more traditional Boulder experience – having beers on a roof deck on a beautiful night while looking at the mountains.