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Reinacker Speaks – NewsGator Syndication Services

Jun 08, 2007
Category Investments

Greg Reinacker – NewsGator’s founder/CTO – has a post up describing in detail how he thinks about the NewsGator Syndication Services line of products.  This part of NewsGator’s business is growing at an extraordinary rate and is great reinforcement in the value of creating the NewsGator core online platform.  Some stats – from Greg’s post – that give you a sense of today’s scale of the thing called “core.”

This is a significant beast – it has about 1.5 billion articles indexed, sees about 7 million new articles per day, sustains around 650 new articles per second at peak times during the day, and supports about 15 million API calls per day from customers and our own clients. It also collects usage metadata, which can be used to calculate relevance information (more on this another day).

Greg has several customer examples in his post, including USA Today, CBS News, Media General, and Discovery (look for the widget on the right sidebar for Everest.)  When we started doing stuff around “Private Label” eighteen months ago, I didn’t understand the potential magnitude of this stuff.  “Private Label” is now “Syndication Services” – that sounds much more interesting.