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TechStars – One Month In

Jun 22, 2007
Category Techstars

TechStars is really cranking – I’m totally blown away by what everyone is working on and the level of engagement of the TechStars mentors.  I’m very optimistic that some great stuff is going to come out of this adventure and I’m looking forward to our first demo night on Tuesday.

A number of out of town visitors have swung by in the last 10 days including Don Loeb (ex-FeedBurner – now Google), Eric Marcoullier / Todd Sampson (ex-MyBlogLog – now Yahoo), and Noah Kagen (ex-Facebook – now Mint.)  Thanks guys for making the trek to Boulder – I know it was a massive personal sacrifice.

David has been videotaping a lot of sessions and put them up on TechStars.TV.  Some of the teams are now blogging – Matt has a funny post up titled Wear your swimsuit to your next VC meetingThe quote of that particular event was Lisa Rutherford’s answer to how you should dress for a meeting with a VC; answer: “Be clean you.”

I love helping to create companies.  As my wife likes to say, I’m “lucky to have found a spot in the universe where my work is my play.”