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Beware Religious Platform Battles

Jul 16, 2007
Category Technology

If you are obsessed with Facebook, you should be reading Read/WriteWeb this week (as they’ve declared it the week of Facebook.)  The first post is Facebook Week: Analyzing The Facebook Platform and AppsHas anyone else noticed that Facebook Inbox doesn’t have a “Forward” (or – in Facebook land – “include more friends on thread”) feature?  What’s with that?

On the heals of my friend Andy Sack giving up his switch over to a Mac, Fred Wilson blogged this morning that he has been unable to fulfill his New Years Resolution of getting rid of Microsoft software from his computing infrastructure.  In Fred’s case, the culprit is Exchange + RIM.  He’s given up on trying to use OSX for work and is going back to Windows / Parallels land.

As Amy likes to say, “why aren’t we still using MS-DOS – it was fine.”  Oh – and as a special bonus, Dave McClure has an awesome post up titled Marketing Facebook Apps: All About the FEED, n00bs!