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Books: Cat’s Cradle

Jul 23, 2007
Category Books

My march through Vonnegut continues.  Cat’s Cradle was the best yet – as predicted by everyone that saw me carrying it around the past few days.  Ice-Nine was not a new concept for me, but I was unaware of its melting point (114.4 degrees.)

While I often ponder how busy, busy, busy my world is, I’ve been noticing a lot of foma’s lately, especially being spewed by several wrang-wrangs.  Sometimes they are sin-wat’s; other times they simply want to try to provoke pool-pah’s for no particular reason.  Most of these people are granfalloon’s, which is just fine by me since I’m very happy with my karass.

Heh.  Just read it.  Guess what’s next?  The same book that eight million other people are reading: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I paid $34.11 (including tax) today at the Boulder Bookstore when I could have just ordered it on Amazon for $17.99.  Oops – poor impulse control.