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Calling All Bloggers – Get Lijit

Jul 22, 2007
Category Investments

I love companies with a clear mission in life.  FeedBurner’s was “we will do all kinds of wonderful things for your feed.”  Lijit’s is “we will do all kinds of wonderful things for search on your blog.”  Lijit’s goal is simple:




The new Lijit home page is up and it’s simpler and clearer than ever to add Lijit Search to your blog.  Just enter your blog URL into the “Want a Wijit?” box and you’ll be up and running in a minute.

Lijit even now has Facebook integration.  Let your Facebook friends search all of your content (your blog(s), delicious tags, YouTube videos, Linkedin data, StumbleUpon stumbles, Twitters, and so much more) from within your Facebook page.

Try it.  You’ll like it.