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Facebook Email Sucks

Jul 26, 2007
Category Technology

I’m an email junkie going back as far as I can remember.  It’s by far my favorite way to communicate. 

I’m utterly and completely baffled that Facebook email (ok – “Inbox”) is so poor.  No forward a message.   Can’t add people to a thread.  No way to sort or manage the messages.  And now Facebook apps are customizing the email form with message bling.  Gack.

Now, before you tell me “that’s not how Facebook works” I know that.  However, more and more of my new Facebook friends (those of the between 30 and 45 age group, mostly tech nerds but some others) seem to be enjoying sending me emails on Facebook.  I’ve started cutting the page with the Microsoft Snipping Tool and forwarding it back them via email to continue the conversation.

At least my friend Jared Polis and the gang at Confluence Commons are trying to build a solution to this.  Hurry up guys – this is silly.