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Interacting With The Wall

Jul 13, 2007
Category Investments

One of the investment themes I’m intrigued with is human computer interaction (HCI).  I believe that in 20 years the notion of typing on a keyboard and moving a mouse around will seem quaint.  If you are skeptical about this, remember that punch cards were all the rage a mere 35 years ago when IBM came out with a new 96 column format, our good friend the IBM 3270 came out in 1972, and the ubiquitous VT100 came out in 1978.

If you are in NY and walking down 14th Street near Union Square today, you’ll see is simple example of what I mean by HCI.  Adobe has an ad up on the wall of the Virgin Megastore that is interactive.  The wall is 7 feet by 15 feet and while it’s a marketing campaign (vs. a functioning UI), it’s a colorful example of some interesting things that are coming – and fast.