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Vista Snipping Tool Recursion

Jul 06, 2007
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I’ve found my fair share of bugs in Vista.  There is one that is particularly annoying to me.  Someone at Microsoft – please add this to the bug database and fix it in the next service pack – I’ve got to believe it’ll take a competent person 30 minutes from start to finish.

I find the Vista Snipping Tool invaluable.  It’s simple, does what I expect it to do, and is something that under older versions of Windows required at the minimum a shareware program.

It does one thing wrong.  It doesn’t know how to close.  Choosing File->Exit generates and error message that says “Snipping Tool has stopped working.” 

After Windows searches for the problem, it restarts!  Bizarrely, the second time you shut it down, the “Snipping Tool has stopped working” message appears but this time (and every time ever after, until you reboot again) you get a close program option which does eventually close it.

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