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Blue Mountain Arts 35th Anniversary Gift to Boulder

Aug 15, 2007

Blue Mountain Arts has been a fixture in the Boulder community for the past 35 years.  It was started by the parents of my friend Jared Polis (Susan Polis Schutz and Stephen Schutz) who are all dynamite people.

For Blue Mountain Arts’ 35th anniversary, they’ve given a wonderful gift to Boulder.  Rather than having a big party and spending a bunch of money, they’ve given each of their 100 employees a share of $200,000 to donate to their favorite charities.

Jared and I have been involved in a number of philanthropic efforts in the Boulder community, including activity around The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County, Social Venture Partners, and most recently the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado.  I’m really proud of the Schutz’s and all the folks at Blue Mountain Arts for actively engaging in local philanthropy in such an impactful and visible way.