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Delight Your Publishers

Aug 11, 2007
Category Investments

Through our investments in FeedBurner, NewsGator, and Technorati I’ve gotten my mind firmly around the idea (and dynamics) between “publishers” and “subscribers” in the universe of blogs, user-generated content, feeds, and search.

I’ve learned at least 731 lessons.  Lesson #1 is “delight your publishers.”  FeedBurner did an awesome job of this and I’m using plays from their playbook at all the other companies I’m involved in that are publisher focused.

Lijit is one of them.  I’ve written about Lijit in the past, including in a recent post titled Calling All Bloggers – Get Lijit

Now, while I accept the accusation that I’m pimping out one of my portfolio companies, I’m always on the lookout for publishers (e.g. bloggers) that are fans of Lijit.  Today I came across a post by John Carr (who I don’t know) who wrote on his The Main Bang blog about his experience with Going Lijit.  Great stuff and an awesome example of rule #1.

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