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I’m Happy About MadKast

Aug 03, 2007
Category Techstars

One of the TechStars companies – MadKast – has launched.  You’ll notice a new and exciting button to the right of every blog post on my blog – this is the MadKast Share icon.

Click on it to share a post with your friends via email, mobile phone (MMS), or IM.  Or – bookmark it on any of the popular bookmarking services.

MadKast already does a bunch of really clever things.

  • Remembers any friends info you put in so you don’t have to remember it the next time – just click on your friend.
  • Remembers friends across any MadKast enabled blog (e.g. we’ve also implemented MadKast on AsktheVC – any friends you share Feld Thoughts content to will also show up when you share stuff on AsktheVC.)
  • Sends complete blog posts via MMS (I think this is the first thing I’m involved in where I’ve found MMS to be actually interesting.)
  • Provides bloggers with detailed analytics about which content is being shared.
  • Automatically reorders your bookmarking preferences based on your usage.

The install is trivial (under 60 seconds) – just click on “get this on my blog” on the bottom right of the share window or go to the MadKast site.  There is a one click install for Blogger and TypePad and a single line of Javascript for everyone else (look for some clever distribution stuff coming soon.)

I’ve gotten to know Johann, Josh, Doug, and Tony over the summer and think they are stars.  They’ve decided to permanently relocated to Boulder from LA and build MadKast here.  Welcome guys!

If you are a blogger, give MadKast a try – feel free to give Doug feedback (he loves it.)