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SCO Finally Gets Put In Their Place By A Judge

Aug 11, 2007
Category Technology

I was delighted to wake up this morning. I’m delighted to wake up every morning, but this is a particular beautiful sunny Saturday in Boulder, Colorado which means I can cuddle up to my computer and catch up a little (ok – and go for a long run.)

My inner feeling of delight was improved even more when I was scanning headlines online and saw the NY Times article Judge Says Unix Copyrights Rightfully Belong to NovellThis has been a long time in coming and finally puts a stake in the ground around (or in the heart of) SCO’s ridiculous copyright suit against IBM around Unix.

Unlike patents, I’m a big supporter of copyright (and trade secrets, GPL, and copyleft) as a mechanism for addressing and protecting software innovation.  However, SCO’s behavior around Unix has cast a pallor over the legitimacy of copyright and open source since 2003.  Once again, a Federal judge stepped up (this time it was Judge Dale Kimball – Federal District Court – Utah) with another important decision around intellectual property rights and software.

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