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VCs on WallStrip

Sep 29, 2007

My friends Paul Kedrosky and Fred Wilson both showed up on WallStrip interviews this week.  Lindsey interviewed Paul and got to ask about why people punch him in the face and Fred talked with Howard about the “Fuck You Phone.” 

While Bijan didn’t make WallStrip this week, he did notice that 50 students at Boulder High walked out during the pledge of allegiance this week. It was that whole “one nation, under God” thing that doesn’t really work that well in a public school, especially in the people’s republic of Boulder.  Praise to the kids for being independent and critical thinkers.

To finish off our Saturday morning “ok – I just caught up on reading my blog posts from the week” I point you to the Union Square Sessions 3: Hacking Philanthropy.  I wasn’t there, but Fred and Brad got about 45 people together to discuss how web technology can be used to hack philanthropy.  I’m anxiously awaiting the transcript.

Oh – and the Red Sox won their pennant race.  Even John Kerry seemed focused on this when I met with him in Denver with a handful of other folks yesterday to discuss the carried interest tax debate.