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Want Your NAC to be Laid Back?

Sep 25, 2007
Category Investments

Network access control (or NAC as the security world calls it) has become a huge technology buzzword recently. Everyone in networking and security is screaming about NAC – with Cisco and Microsoft leading the charge.

NAC is used to test computers before they are allowed on a network to make sure they’re up-to-date on patches, anti-virus, and hotfixes.  StillSecure, one of my investments, has had a lot of success with NAC because they were an early entrant and with great technology (they’ve won practically every NAC review published over the past three years.)   

This week StillSecure did something no other security vendor has been willing to do – they released a free NAC product called Safe Access Lite. Alan Shimel – StillSecure’s Chief Strategy Officer and master blogger referred to it as “Laid Back NAC.”  NAC vendors don’t usually do real evals because of changes to the network they often require, or they don’t have enough faith in their product to put it out for anyone to use!

IT Infrastructure is an area in which we’ve had a lot of investing success.  StillSecure is a company we’ve had cooking for several years and this is the year that its growth has really accelerated.  I’m exceedingly proud of the StillSecure team, their perseverance, and their innovation – both in the product and they way they approach their market. 

Now you can get your NAC either in as a “laid back” version or a full commercial “tighten down the battleship” version.