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Being Paul Berberian in China

Oct 11, 2007
Category Places

The really cool thing about having friends like Paul Berberian is that I can act out my desire to participate in a real life equivalent of Being John Malkovich.  Paul has a fascinating new company that is launching at the end of the year.  His product is both physical and virtual; the physical part of it (nicknamed “the bong” by me) is manufactured in China. 

I don’t really have any desire to go on an eight day business trip to a factory in Qingdao, but it’s awesome to read Paul’s description of it in his post China visit – nothing is as it seemsNow – the conclusion (signaled by the title) is no surprise, but my voyeristic view of Paul’s week was satisfying this early morning in Boulder.

Best “how I viewed it” moment: “Generally negative on the food experience but positive on the environment – we ate inside a giant green house –trippy. BTW dog sucks – it is chewy and tastes like dog!”

As a special bonus this week, I got to go to GwangJu, South Korea as part of my experience of Being Kimbal Musk.  Those pig heads look worst then I envision the dog did.