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Distance Running In Extreme Situations

Oct 13, 2007

Frank Shorter has an excellent essay in the NY Times titled Running Into TroubleIf you are a long distance runner, you are probably aware that last week’s Chicago Marathon was halted after three hours after dozens of people were hospitalized and one runner actually died. 

I ran Chicago in 2003 and it was my PR by at least 20 minutes (4:05) and an awesome experience.  It’s a great race for first time marathoners which makes the experience last Sunday even more devastating as anyone that has trained for a marathon for the first time knows how emotionally important it is to finish.

Everything I’ve read the 2007 Chicago Marathon so far has been reactive – speculating on what happened and laying out facts and figures.  Shorter’s essay is the first prescriptive article I’ve read – if you are a marathoner or race organizer Running Into Trouble is worth five minutes of your life.