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I Support ??? Dennis Kucinich?

Oct 21, 2007
Category Government

Amy started out my Sunday morning with the Select A Candidate Quiz from Minnesota Public Radio.  I’ll leave it to her to decide whether or not to say who she selected (but it was a surprise to me).  So – I figured I’d take it also. 

Given that I don’t know who Dennis Kucinich is, I was perplexed by how strongly I matched him.  Now that I’ve read his story, I get it.  My top five were Kucinich, Richardson, Gravel, Dodd, and Edwards.  Clinton and Obama were tied for #6 – I disagree with them on Iraq, Immigration, Social Security, Energy, and the Death Penalty.  It’s no surprise to me that the Indians (I mean Romney, McCain, Gilmore, Huckabee, and Brownback) are in the cellar. 

Go Red Sox.