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Next Generation PC Design Competition

Oct 08, 2007
Category Technology

There are many great things about being married to Amy.  One of them is that she reads piles of things – like Wallpaper – that never make it on to my pile.  Not only does she read them, but she tears out stuff that she thinks I’d like.

An article titled Cuter computers showed up on my “from Amy” stack with an interesting article about the NextGen PC Design Competition.  Microsoft and the Industrial Designers Society of America are co-sponsoring it.   The website appears to be borked right now (e.g. “Due to technical difficulties, we are not able to collect submissions at this time”) – hopefully it’ll be back in submission collection mode soon.

Another great thing about Amy is that she doesn’t yell at me when I wake her up at 5:30am with a pair of dogs with porcupine quills in their snouts.